About Us

Hi there!

We believe in transparency, accountability and joint effort, so here are the guiding principles of Traynt’s communities.



Our mission is to empower fitness communities around the world.

This means that we need to:

  • be inclusive, and make Traynt’s communities accessible to everybody, no matter their background, social status or spoken language, just to name a few.
  • embrace diversity, as the best inspiration & ideas come from people you expect the least.


Core Values

In order to achieve this mission together, the following values need to be at the core of everything we do as a community and company. Before making a decision, quickly go over these values to make sure that the decision is properly aligned with them:

  1. Focus on progress, not perfection. Everything in life can be achieved by consistently training for it. Consistency = Progress
  2. Achievable goals. Dreams, no matter how big and how long it takes to fullfill them, can be split into smaller achievable goals that one can achieve on a consistent matter.
  3. Support each other in achieving these goals. There are 7B+ people on this planet. Chances are that somebody out there is having the exact same struggles as you, so learn from each other and from those that have succesfully overcome them.
  4. Accountability. Everybody has a bad day, month or year AND everybody at some point or another started their fitness journey from Zero. Be there when people need your help and keep them accountable for reaching their chosen goal.