Learn to Handstand Hold

End of Year Challenge

Win $200+ Cash Prizes

I want to see you make progress, so I’m going to give away 3 prizes at the end of the challenge, to those who work the hardest to achieve progress.

🏆 1st Prize - $100

For the person that has worked the most, based on their before and after assessments.

🥈 2nd Prize - $75

For the person who receives most up-votes

🥉 3rd Prize - $50

From the members that regularly did their check-in with me, I will randomly select 1 person using random.org to award the prize.

The winners will be announced on the 27th of December, 2020

The Handstand Badge

While cash prizes are limited, for the rest that will reach the goal of hand standing for at least a few seconds you will receive the Handstand Badge to celebrate your success.

Getting Started

You need to Join my Handstand Challenge in the Traynt mobile app, It’s Free, so just hit the button bellow.

Afterwards, do the initial assessment to qualify as an official participant for the prizes, and then start training

Start Training

I prepared a FREE 4 week trainig program, that you can follow at your own speed, complete with a step by step guide, and over 100+ video exercises to help you reach this goal.

Dejan showing how to perform the Kick up the wall exercise

On top of that, you will find there a community of people having the same goal as you do, so you can support each other through the challenges.

What to know

Before starting, you need to know how to perform the following exercises:


5 reps

What are you waiting for?